Become a Patient Advocate

There are several ways to become a GPD Advocate.  Advocates in GPD can include patients, family, caregivers, friends, doctors and your community.

Educating Patients and Doctors

Talk with your doctor and other doctors in your community about putting GPD Patient  Brochures in their offices to inform doctors and patients about GPD,  how patients can become involved and how GPD can give support and information.  Use “Contact Us” to request brochures.  Please include the number requested and your mailing address.  Ask your doctor about forming a patient support group that will help with awareness as well as increase our advocacy for the GPD fight for a cure.


NetworkingFriends and Family

Talk to family and friends about connections with companies, people interested in helping nonprofits and philanthropists who would be willing to talk to GPD about our goals and commitment to this cause.


Media and Communication

Talk with friends, family and co-workers to connect our foundation with media outlets willing to help increase patient and public awareness.

Our goal is to create a strong base of advocates, working together to create change.  GPD Foundation wants to connect all those who share our concerns, establish ways to become a  powerful voice for all patients, and ultimately make a difference.