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The below links to organizations that provide patient resources:

Association of Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders (AGMD),
President & founder Mary-Angela DeGrazi-DiTucci offers a website with a variety of patient resources.  AGMD Patient Forum, Inspire,

Gastroparesis and Dysmotilities Association (GPDA), Learn more about gastroparesis, GPDA
Jeanne Keith Ferris, president and founder of GPDA offers medical updates, dietary suggestions, physician information as well as 2 children’s books on motility disorders.

Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures and Treatments (G-Pact),
G-Pact provides educational resources, support programs, patient advocacy programs, and other aid as needed to help patients cope and to provide hope to everyone afflicted with the condition.

Living with Gastroparesis Blog,
Crystal Saltrelli’s blog chronicles her life with gastroparesis and inspires patients to take control of their health.  Crystal is also a health counselor working with gastroparesis patients to develop nutritional strategies, is also GPD Foundation’s Nutritional Specialist.

Medtronic, Learn more about gastroparesis, Enterra Therapy
Medtronic is the provider of the Gastric Electric Stimulator (GES) for gastroparesis.  For information about GES Enterra Therapy please visit the above link.

The Oley Foundation
Learn more about gastroparesis, Oley Foundation
A Foundation that provides information and support to consumers of home parenteral (IV) and enteral (tube-fed) nutrition.  The Oley Foundation serves as a resource for consumer’s families, homePEN clinicians as well as industry representatives.

The below are links to resources patients may find useful.

Registry of GI Motility Laboratories for Patient Evaluation (compiled by ANMS):

Medical Organizations for Neurogastroenterology and GI Motility

American Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society (ANMS) ANMS is a professional physicians organizaion that works to advance the study of neurogastroenterology and GI motility.  Their website offers information about clinical trials, research, resources and medical procedures for GI sufferers.

Disclaimer: The GPD Foundation does not endorse any treatments or dietary suggestions made on the above websites.  They are intended for educational and informational purposes only. Please consult with your health care professional to discuss any changes to your medical treatment.