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Recipe of the Month

Safe & Simple Strawberry Smoothie

Many gastroparesis patients avoid berries due to the seeds and skins.  The strawberry juice drinks used in this recipe are a great alternative as they are pulp-free. This /low-fat, /low-fiber “recipe” has about 7 grams of protein and provides a significant amount of vitamins B6, B12 and C. Best of all, it’s really tasty

• 4 oz. Odwalla Strawberry Protein Monster
• 2 oz. Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana Smoothie
• 2 oz. water
• a few ice cubes

1. Blend the juices and ice in a blender or Magic Bullet until smooth.
2. Add as much water as necessary to reach desired consistency.

Variation: for a thinner drink, combine the juices in a glass with about 4 ounces of water and add a few ice cubes.

Recipe by:  Crystal Saltrelli … Eating for Gastroparesis